3 fantastic fundraisers share their story


This year people across the country have raised money to fund life-saving research with The Great Stand Up To Cancer Bake Off. We have seen some astonishing bakes from an ‘Oreo Crumb Bundt Cake’ to a vanilla sponge made to look like Piers Morgan. From all the life-changing fundraisers, a few incredible people stood out. Read their stories and get inspired to stand up to cancer.

Alfie – Who Ran 26 Miles in 26 Days

‘I lost my Nanny Angie last year to cancer and I felt really sad and low, so I decided to do something in her memory.’ Alfie had previously ran a few park runs but never anything on such a large scale. Alfie had previously ran a few park runs but never anything on such a large scale. Across April 2019, Alfie ran an incredible 26 miles in 26 days raising nearly £500 for Stand Up To Cancer.

‘I found it very hard and sometimes I wanted to stop but I reminded myself of who it was for and why I was doing it.’ He continued to run every single day after school, even keeping his promise up on holiday.

He had originally planned to do a marathon, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to run 26 miles all in one day. So he also decided to do a bake sale to help raise more money.

He enjoyed his fundraising so much that he would like to fundraise again and keep raising more money for life-saving research. ‘I realised that people suffered more pain with cancer…so I did it for them.’

Alfie celebrating the end of his run.

Jenny Podmore – Inspiring Baker Aiming To Beat Cancer

Jenny’s father is her inspiration for getting involved with Stand Up To Cancer. ‘What has affected me is my dad who was diagnosed with leukaemia a few years ago, he has been successful with trying to beat it with treatments, but he is yet to have the clear.’ 

While undergoing treatment for leukaemia, Jenny's father was then diagnosed with skin cancer. ‘He got it checked out early enough for him to have them removed and has been given the all clear for skin cancer.’

Jenny also recently lost two close friends and a cousin to cancer, so her desire to fundraise grew. Jenny raised almost £500 by holding a bake sale with help from her mum and three-year-old son, Callum.

‘I still can’t believe how well I have done and how much I raised, I am so grateful for how generous everyone was. Let’s hope we can beat the big C with all the donations!’ 

Jenny sitting on sofa with Mum and Dad.

Kadie Davis – Fighting to fund life-saving research in memory of her friend

Kadie is very aware of the devastating effects of cancer. Her grandfather was diagnosed with cancer in 2017 and her school friend Kayleigh, died of neuroblastoma cancer last year. Kadie's grandfather was given the all clear last year, but the death of her friend inspired her to take action.

Kadie wrote to the principle of her school, Swinton Academy and asked if she could organise a bake sale fundraiser for Stand Up To Cancer.

At the bake sale pupils in Year 7 – along with the staff, too – wore orange socks, hair bobbles and badges to show their support for the charity. Kadie raised over £180 and is already planning her next event.

Kadie sitting with school friends around a table after their baking fundraiser.

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