Our fifth set of bakers, Tracey-Ann Oberman, Mawaan Rizwan, Ellie Goulding and Sophie Morgan were in the tent this week and took on three challenges to try and win Star Baker. First up was the Signature where bakers were asked to create a beautifully decorated marble cake. Next up was the technical, which saw the bakers creating a jam roly poly.  

In the final task, the Showstopper, the bakers were asked to make an exquisite biscuit portrait of their celebrity hero. Sophie made a chocolate chip cookie with a beautiful hand painted portrait of Kathy Burke, which Paul called one of the best biscuit likenesses he’d seen in the tent. Ellie made a tribute to David Attenborough in 2 different biscuits, one ginger and one polenta and olive oil. Tracey created a tribute to RuPaul, complete with glitter that may or may not have been edible but Prue and Paul loved either way and Mawaan made a brandy snap 3D face of his hero, Paul Hollywood, complete with bright blue eyes and a jam that the man himself described as spectacular. 

After judging, it was Ellie Goulding that won the coveted Star Baker apron, having won the technical and impressing with her complicated biscuit tribute to the great David Attenborough. Ellie said ‘I’m so happy… this is actually the greatest day ever.’ 

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