Emma Willis Crowned First Star Baker of the Great SU2C Bake Off 2022

Emma Willis Crowned
First Star Baker

The first batch of bakers, Emma Willis, Clara Amfo, Alex Horne, and Blake Harrison took on three separate challenges in attempt to win Star Baker. First up was the Signature where bakers were tasked with creating decorated animal biscuits. Next up was the technical, which saw the bakers creating maple flavoured madeleines.

In the final task, the Showstopper, the bakers created a choux sculpture which embodied their secret talent. In a unique take, Alex Horne’s created choux buns covered in cold mashed potato and sausages to showcase his skateboarding talent. Blake Harrison’s creation, despite his struggle in the technical, received positive comments and surprised viewers with his icing sculpture of Prue and Paul wrestling. The judges enjoyed his well-baked choux pastry, whipped cream, and chocolate, with Prue stating, ‘what’s better than that’. Meanwhile Clara’s choux medals, despite the grainy chocolate, was described as having ‘fantastic flavour’.

In the end, it was clear Emma Willis would win the coveted Star Baker apron, having earnt a Hollywood handshake, winning the technical and wowing with her Choux buns. Emma said ‘Thank you so much! My family are just going to laugh! It’s been an absolute joy and if you ask me again next year, I would bite your hand off to do it again!’

Tune in next week to see more baking excitement and mishaps in with Laura Whitmore, Gareth Malone, Yung Filly & Ruby Wax.