Make your next game count. Game On.

Make your next game count.
Game On.

Through the sale of the Sails of Union, the Sea of Thieves community raised an incredible $94,610.25 to help fund life-saving cancer research. Thank you to our partners Xbox and RARE for the incredible total raised for Stand Up To Cancer, and to all the gamers that purchased them!

Watch the Game On film where Halo protagonist, Master Chief, calls on gamers nationwide to make their next game count.  

In autumn 2020, Stand Up To Cancer and Xbox asked the gaming community nationwide to shake up their game-play and take on a new gaming challenge to raise cash for life-saving cancer research. Halo’s Master Chief called on gamers to take on their greatest enemy yet - cancer.

Whether you played ‘The Reverso Challenge’, taking on Forza Horizon 4 driving in reverse, or the ‘Projectiles Only Challenge’ playing Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Master Chief threw down the gauntlet for gamers to take on a challenge that breaks the rules of their favourite game.

SU2C took over Xbox On stream with the UK's top gamers  

On 21 September the gaming community saw the UK’s top gamers answer Master Chief’s call, as Stand Up To Cancer took over Xbox On’s Twitch streaming platform for the week. A host of gaming influencers, announced on Xbox and SU2C social channels, teed up their own challenges, turning their favourite game on its head and going toe-to-toe with the Xbox On stream team. 

Steve Downes, voice of Halo’s Master Chief, said, “It is both an honour and privilege to participate in Stand Up To Cancer’s Game On campaign this year. Like so many others, I have personally witnessed cancer's devastating effects—my own father passed away from cancer some 25 years ago. I've also witnessed the great progress that continues to be made. A dear friend is surviving lung and brain cancer, a reality that might've been unheard of just a decade ago. That is why this campaign is so important.

“Being the voice of the Master Chief for 20 years has been an epic journey, and I've seen the positive impact this heroic character has had on so many people all over the world. But his battles could not be won without the help of others. The Chief is calling on you to take down an enemy even stronger than the Flood or the Covenant. It is a battle that can be won. I have seen it with my own eyes. It is time to Stand Up To Cancer!”