Unique body art for woman with mastectomy

Unique Mastectomy Body Art | Stand Up To Cancer (2019)


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woman with mastectomy
covers scars with art

Watch as a woman with a mastectomy takes part in a unique body painting session with professional makeup artist and star of BBC's 'Glow Up', Tiffany Hunt AKA @illumin_arty.

Emily was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018 when she was just 28, and chose to have a mastectomy as part of her treatment. Emily challenged herself to take part in the shoot to prove to herself that she is body confident and she doesn't need to hide.

"Just because you've got one boob, or no boobs or two doesn't mean you're not feminine, or pretty or elegant."

To reflect the different mental states she went through during her chemotherapy treatment, Emily chose an Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter’s tea party as the theme for her stunning makeover.

“Sometimes I'd feel sleepy, a little bit like the door mouse, other times I'd be going absolutely bonkers like the Mad Hatter I would be manic like the Mad Hatter, and other times you'd have energy like the March Hare.”

Watch the video to see what Emily makes of the stunning art and the outcome of makeover.