Catch up on a week of Xbox On streams for Stand Up To Cancer

Watch the UK's top gamers
Stand Up To Cancer with Xbox On

Gamers, catch up on a week of Stand Up To Cancer streams with Xbox On and special guests. For a week starting from Monday 21 September, the UK’s top gamers took over Xbox On’s Twitch streams.

A host of gaming influencers took on their own challenges, turning their favourite game on its head and going toe-to-toe with the Xbox On stream team (pictured). 


Monday 21 September 

Xbox On’s Henry and special guests TwoAngryGamers had a shopping list of items to collect around the Sea of Thieves! Whoever completed the route quickest with the least penalties was crowned the winner of Sloopermarket Sweep! 
Tuesday 22 September

Xbox On’s Charleyy and special guests SeaPeeKay & Dangthatsalongname headed into the world of Minecraft with one goal – Protect Your Pet at all costs! Following a series of checkpoints and challenges, it was a race to the finish... as long as their animal buddy was still in one piece of course. 
Wednesday 23 September

Xbox On’s Bex and special guests Sizzsarz and Jane Douglas went on a safari! The only catch was that it wasn't out on the savannah or the rainforest... oh no, they headed to the back yard in Grounded! Along the way, they were challenged to get some amazing wildlife photography of the local residents.  
Thursday 24 September

Xbox On’s Benny and Sam were joined by special guest GaGod as they headed to Verdansk on Call of Duty: Warzone, with a set of challenges determined by the luck of the dice. Melee only? Sure thing. Drop your gun after every kill? Easy. 

Friday 25 September

Following a fantastic week of Stand Up To Cancer streams, the Xbox On team all got together for a grudge match to end all grudge matches! There were two huge head-to-head battles and one GIANT giveaway!