Don't Look Down: Final


The final walk is here. Can the celebrities put all their practice together and get over the high wire across the London Stadium? They’ll be fine if they remember the number one rule - don’t look down! 

The highwire was split into three different sections: a 60-foot, 100-foot and 140-foot section. The celebrities would complete their section and pass the pole to the celebrity waiting for them at the checkpoint. 

Before the celebrities took to the wire, they looked up to the big screen. There were clips of friends and family playing to remind them why they were doing this challenge. The stadium then lights up with photos of all those people they are supporting, which the celebrities found emotional and inspiring. 

Chris Hughes 

Chris was up first. He had struggled throughout the process with his fear of heights but managed to step up to set the standard. There was little hesitation from him at the start and he gets across the first section to pass the pole to Anton. 

Anton Ferdinand

Anton was up next to do the 100-foot section. After a shaky start he falls from the wire but manages to get back onto the wire to start again. After a much better start he can complete the section to hand over to Kimberly. 

Kimberly Wyatt

Kimberly, who has been one of the strongest in the process takes on the 140-foot section. After a small wobble in the middle, she composes herself and gets to the end.

Victoria Pendleton 

Victoria was up next and took on the 140-foot section. A third of the challenge was completed with no trouble at all, as Victoria gets across with confidence. 

Charley Boorman 

The pole got passed to Charley who had a much quicker approach than most celebrities. With quick feet, he managed to get through the section to pass onto Fats. 

Fats Timbo

Fats has struggled with her self-belief throughout the process. She takes a fall near the start but like Anton, gets up and goes again. Despite nearly falling again, she keeps herself on the wire and gets to the end. 

David Ginola 

It’s David’s turn to take to the wire. In a composed manner he finds himself at the end of the section much to his relief.

Grace Barry

Grace is the penultimate celebrity to take on the challenge. She is someone who has also struggled with heights. Although, you wouldn’t think it as she gets to the end with ease. 

Paddy McGuinness

Team captain Paddy is on the wire to bring it home for the celebrities. Despite missing some of the training he starts of very strong and sturdy. With every step he takes, the anticipation grows before the roar in celebration as he and all the celebrities complete the high wire!

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