Walkies Challenge FAQs



Make sure you're all set to take on your paw-some Stand Up To Cancer Dog Walking Challenge in April by reading our frequently asked questions.

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Brought to you by Cancer Research UK and Channel 4, Stand Up To Cancer is a fundraising campaign that brings the UK together to speed up progress in life-saving cancer research. 

100% donations received by Cancer Research UK in connection with the SU2C Dog Walking Challenge will go towards the Stand Up To Cancer campaign, which means 100% of the income is spent on research. 

From transforming radiotherapy into a precise, anti-cancer weapon, to developing new ways to stop cancer cells from spreading around the body, Stand Up To Cancer are supporting 64 clinical trials and research projects that will help us bring new treatments and technology to people with cancer – ultimately saving more lives. 

Stand Up To Cancer is a fundraising campaign brought to you by Cancer Research UK and Channel 4. As a result, Stand Up To Cancer occasionally uses the advice, resources and support of Cancer Research UK to ensure your experience of fundraising is fulfilling, enjoyable and fully supported. 

Supporters raise money by stepping up to the challenge of walking 60 miles (or whatever personal challenge they set themselves) throughout April with their four-legged friend. They can split the miles in a way that suits them, but we recommend around 2 miles every day of the month.  

We are thrilled that Crufts, and The Kennel Club, are supporting the SU2C Walkies Challenge - they will be promoting the Challenge to the Crufts audience on Channel 4 across the event (7th to 10th of March) and also across their social channels. 

The challenge starts on the 1st April and ends on the 30th April. 

Whilst we encourage everyone to complete this challenge in April, this is a personal challenge, and you can start/finish your challenge at a time that is convenient for you. 

We’d recommend aiming for 2 miles a day to spread the distance throughout the month.

Once you have signed up, join the Facebook Group dedicated to this challenge: https://www.facebook.com/groups/3375095689402575

Click 'Join Group'. Once you're in, you can complete a form to get your free dog bandana, be inspired by other fundraisers and find out anything you want to know about the challenge. 

You can track your daily steps by using your Smartphone. Many iPhones and Androids will have a health app already installed, or you can download many of the free walking/fitness apps available (e.g. Strava/fitbit).    

Find out how to connect your Giving Page to Strava here: https://www.cancerresearchuk.org/strava  

Find out how to connect your Giving Page to Fitbit here: https://www.cancerresearchuk.org/fitbit 

*Please note: Strava sometimes there is a 48 hour lag in the Strava data being updated, and if the miles still aren't showing, disconnect and reconnect to do a hard reset and this will add any miles already on the Strava account.

There is no entry fee for this challenge. Participants are required to collect sponsorship to Stand Up To Cancer through their Online Fundraiser. This will automatically be sent to us once paid onto your fundraising page.

We trust you! You don’t need to provide evidence that you’ve completed the challenge to us. Updating your friends and family on your online fundraising page, is important! Make sure you keep them posted on your progress and share videos and photos throughout April – the more updates the better. Supporters who regularly post their progress raise 40% more on average.

Don’t worry you can make up the miles on another day or extend your challenge into the following month if needed. Complete the challenge in a way that’s suits to you

The only thing that matters is that you challenge yourself, so try to complete as much of the challenge as you can. Whether you complete the full 60 miles or not, the money that you fundraise will allow Stand Up To Cancer to speed up progress in life-saving cancer research and we can’t thank you enough. 

Absolutely, this is your challenge, and you can tailor it to suit you! Just be clear with your supporters how far you are intending to walk and keep them regularly updated with your progress.  

Yes, you can still take part, but be aware not to over-exercise your puppy. The Kennel Club have lots of helpful information, click here

Tips to remember: 

  • Good rule of thumb is a ratio of 5 minutes of exercise per month of age of your puppy (up to twice a day) For example, if your puppy is 4 months old, 4x5=20 mins of exercise.  
  • As they get older, they can have longer periods of exercise.  
  • It is important to exercise your puppy everyday to strengthen their muscles and bones.   
  • Try not to exercise your puppy on a full stomach as they can get bloated.  

That’s absolutely fine, the most important part of the challenge is taking part and your support of life-saving cancer research. 

As a general rule we suggest you speak to your vet for specific information on your breed, age, etc. Just like people, every dog is different and only a trained professional will be able to advise. 

We have a new range of pet merchandise, including beds, cushions, beanies and another bandana design, which can be purchased here.

Unfortunately, returning the dog bandanas comes at a cost to Cancer Research UK, therefore, we ask that you keep hold of it. If you would like a replacement, please go to our online shop, link below here.

We currently send out a dog bandana to all our supporters taking part, so their dogs can wear them during their challenge and encourage donations for their efforts. If you do not wish to receive a dog bandana, you can simply set up an Online Giving page, be part of the group and still take part! 

To set up an Online Giving Page, please follow the link below: https://fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/signup/?fundraising_page_type=8eb69dbb-a99c-4c61-9f6c-e4efadaac31f&channel=su2c-walkies-challenge-apr-2024 

If you have any further questions or would like to cancel an order, please email supporter.services@cancer.org.uk or call 0300 1231022 (lines open 08:00 – 20:00 Monday to Friday and, 09:00 – 17:00 at weekends) 

As medals come at a huge cost to the charity we will not be sending these out. Instead, we will send all supporters a digital certificate and you can access digital badges to shout about your achievement on social media.

There is not a minimum amount of fundraising that we set for participants, but we recommend that supporters set a reasonable target of raising about £150. 


Yes, if you don’t have Facebook, you can set up a Stand Up To Cancer Giving Page using the link below and collect sponsorship for your Stand Up To Cancer Dog Walking Challenge here: https://activities.cancerresearchuk.org/su2c-walkies-challenge-apr-24

Yes, under 18s can take part in this challenge, but we do not market to them and any third-party platform forum (e.g. a Facebook forum) is only available to over 18s. If under 18s are taking part, their parent/guardian must consent to the child’s participation, supervise the challenge and accept responsibility for complying with the challenge rules. Currently we are unable to accept registration for a child, so the child’s parent/guardian have to register on the child’s behalf. Similarly, if a child wants to raise money online and/or join a forum, the child’s parent/guardian must register for an online fundraising page and/or join the forum on the child’s behalf. 

You can add an offline donation onto your own page and send this donation through to us as a cheque, along with the sponsorship form which you can download here: https://www.standuptocancer.org.uk/sites/default/files/su2c_april_dog_walking_challenge_fundraising_pack_sponsorship_form.pdf

Your Online Giving Page is the easiest way to raise money. You can set an Online Giving Page up here: https://activities.cancerresearchuk.org/su2c-walkies-challenge-apr-24 

You can then share the page with your friends and family to gather sponsorship for your challenge.  

We have plenty of fundraising tools and ideas to help you raise life-saving donations. Please see our fundraising hub with everything you need from the challenge here: https://www.standuptocancer.org.uk/fundraise/walkies-challenge/fundraising-hub 

You can use our sponsorship form to raise money rather than using an online method. Simply download and print off to keep track of all your sponsorship collected or pledged. Once you have completed your fundraising, please send the form with a cheque to:  
SU2C Dog Walking Challenge 2024, Cancer Research UK, PO BOX 1561, Oxford, OX4 9GZ. 
Please note we are currently experiencing a delay in receiving and processing donations so do bear with us if it takes a little lot longer than usual to receive an acknowledgment.  

This challenge is specifically a fundraising initiative developed by Stand Up To Cancer, and therefore all fundraising must go directly to the campaign.

Gift Aid is a tax relief allowing UK charities to reclaim an extra 25% on every eligible donation made by a UK taxpayer. This means Stand Up To Cancer can claim an extra 25p for every £1 donated, without it costing you or your sponsors an extra penny. If the donation is eligible for Gift Aid, sponsors need to fill out the sponsor form, following the guidelines at the top of the page.

Facebook Fundraisers are automatically set up to only stay open for ten days. To make the most of your fundraising efforts, you need to change the end date to keep your fundraiser open throughout and after the challenge. To change the end date simply, click ‘More’ under the invite button, then click ‘Edit Fundraiser’. We recommend setting this date to at least a month after your challenge has ended so you can continue to collect vital donations for your efforts!

Unfortunately, once your Facebook Fundraiser has finished you cannot reopen the same fundraising page. However, you can create a new one and set the end date for past your challenge, so that you can continue receiving donations once you’ve finished your challenge: 

To see your past fundraisers, go to the Facebook home page on a desktop and look underneath your name on the left-hand side - click fundraisers > your activity > scroll down the page until you reach "your past fundraisers"

Donating on Facebook is safe and secure and there is no fee taken from Facebook to set up a Facebook Fundraiser. If you have any suspicious charges, we recommend speaking directly to your bank. If you have any questions about your Facebook Fundraiser please contact Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/help  

Any further enquiries, please feel free to contact lucycharlotte.allardice@cancer.org.uk and I will endeavour to reply to any queries within 48 hours.