A third batch of bakers take to the tent


Broadcaster Nick Grimshaw, musician Dizzee Rascal, author and broadcaster Philippa Perry and actor Reece Shearsmith made up the third batch of bakers who took to the tent to try their hand at a decorated vegetable cake slice Signature Bake, a Queen of Puddings Technical Challenge and a biscuit portrait Showstopper. 

Despite having never even watched the show before, Dizzee Rascal went into the first round with astounding confidence claiming that he'd be the next host of the show after he was done. Nick Grimshaw however wasn't so sure of his own baking credentials given that he once "made a biscuit in the 90s in GCSE Food Tech!".

Nick Grimshaw holding a sieve in the Bake Off tent

Dizzee brought comedy value to the first round with his rasta carrot decoration called "Toots" and his musing as to whether "when it says chill cake, does that mean in the fridge, or just leave it to chill out?".

It was Reece Shearsmith who set the baking bar high, serving up 12 faultless spiced pumpkin slices that earned him a Hollywood handshake, much to Philippa Perry's annoyance who admitted she was "bitter" she hadn't won a handshake for her neat avocado slices. 

The Technical served up a vintage challenge in the form of four Queen of Puddings, with the judges expecting distinct layers of breadcrumb baked custard, jam and meringue on top. Philippa alone knew what the finished product should look like and it seems this gave her a competitive advantage as she went on to win the Technical with a beautiful custard. Nick, whose pudding was described as "soup" by Prue grumbled that "this is why this dessert was left in the 50s, because it's annoying." 

Heading into the Showstopper, Reece and Philippa were neck and neck in the race for the title of Star Baker. Tasked with baking a biscuit self-portrait depicting themselves at work, the celeb bakers let their creative juices flow. Dizzee chose to recreate the cover of his first album Boy in da Corner, impressing the judges with his design. Nick's Glastonbury-inspired creation was boldly abstract with crumbly, well-flavoured biscuits and while it didn't exactly look like him Paul said he'd done "a decent job."

Philippa's Showstopper titled 'Me As An Agony Aunt' depicted her at work at her laptop surrounded by lots of emojis. Paul and Prue were impressed with both her design and her biscuits but sadly it just wasn't quite enough as Reece's theatrical biscuit selfie Showstopper stole the show and saw him crowned Star Baker!

Whether you're a Star Baker like Reece Shearsmith or a have a go hero like Nick Grimshaw and Dizzee Rascal, why not sign up to take on your own baking fundraiser?