Rolling out our next batch of star-studded bakers, the second episode included AJ Odudu, Gemma Collins, Jessica Hynes and Tim Key.

The first challenge for the celebs was the Signature Bake where they were tasked to create a sandwich cake with flavours as interesting as possible. Jess received a coveted Paul Hollywood handshake after creating a fantastic three-story lemon drizzle cake, with both judges calling the bake a triumph.

Next up was the Technical, which was set by Paul, and the task was to make a SU2C themed treacle tart comprised of pastry lattice. All of the bakers had to cut out thirteen S’s, 2’s and C’s to put onto their tart, with Gemma mentioning that this part of the challenge had the potential to send her over the edge. It was Jess who took home the win in this second challenge with a very neat cake with nice filling according to the judges, with Tim getting a respectable second place with the judges calling his tart both tasty and a good looking bake.

The final challenge, the Showstopper, saw the bakers asked to create a choux pastry of their earliest childhood memory. AJ, who was commended for her choux pastry ‘chips and gravy’ that she used to have on the way home from Chester Zoo, received an ever-craved Paul Hollywood handshake, with both judges saying that her bake looked really good.

With Jess getting a handshake in the Signature Bake, winning the Technical and then producing a great bonfire night memory choux pastry in the Showstopper, which was dubbed a resounding success from Paul, it was hard to see it going any other way for her to win Star Baker, and win it she did with three fantastic bakes.

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