School fundraising ideas

Stand Up To Cancer with your school and raise cash to fund life-saving research. We’re working on a new fundraising kit full of ideas and materials to get you started. Check back in the summer to sign up and get everything you need to fundraise with us this autumn.

St Augustine’s RCHS got creative

to raise cash!

St Augustine’s RCHS got creative to raise cash!

Year 9 students took control of the fundraising at St Augustine’s RCHS and made their own charity ribbons in their form colours to sell to students across the school. They also made multi-coloured ribbons to sell to staff to raise even more cash.

Mrs B Bury said, ‘The students took on the challenge to work together and get the whole school standing up to cancer, as so many in our school community have been affected by cancer in some way.’

Feeling inspired? There are loads of fun ways for your school to Stand Up To Cancer.