Coping With Cancer At Christmas: My Top Tips

Coping With Cancer At
Christmas: My Top Tips

Cancer changes everything, and Christmas is no exception. Emily was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in 2018, and spent much of the holiday last year dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy. As she approaches her first Christmas after finishing treatment, Emily is super excited to celebrate with her family this year. She shares her top tips on coping with cancer over the festive period on what worked for her.

Talk to your family

‘The main bit of advice I could give anyone going through chemotherapy, is to tell your family when you’re not feeling too good. Let them know because you don’t want people to expect the world… My family were really understanding, understanding that I wasn’t gonna be as in the Christmas spirit as I usually am.’

If you need to take a break, take one

‘Be open, be honest, tell them you’re not feeling good. If you need to go and have a lie down, go have a lie down. People are not going to judge you. People are not going to think any less of you. You need to take time for yourself. Don’t feel guilty if you can’t get into the spirit all the time.’

Enjoy the day with loved ones

‘Try and enjoy yourself as much as you can, because it’s such an important time of the year. As you have your family, friends and loved ones around you. They will make your day.’

Don’t be anything but yourself

‘You obviously want to be happy and merry and full of joy and Christmas spirit. Sometimes you don’t want to feel like that, so don’t. Don’t feel pressured to feel anything, apart from making yourself feel comfortable.’

Treat yourself

‘Treat yourself, get yourself a little Christmas present. Damn right you deserve it! You’ve just gone through chemotherapy, you’ve just gone through cancer. You’re going through, you’re doing it. Go treat yourself.

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