It’s week 5 and our fifth set of bakers include Stand-Up Comedian Judi Love, Furniture Restorer and TV Presenter Jay Blades, Successful Entrepreneur Deborah Meaden, and Comedian Mike Wozniak. First up, the Signature Challenge and the celebs take on cheesecakes. They can use any flavours but they must deliver a decorative finish, whilst getting the mixture consistency right. The celebs were off to a smashing start; from Jay’s strawberry gravy to Mike’s cheesecake wall, Judi was baking with her heart, whilst Deborah was relying on being good with numbers to nail her plant-based recipe. Unfortunately, Deborah’s bake was left runny and Judi’s marbelling didn’t quite work, but the judges thought Mike’s Lemon and Sultana half & half baked cheesecake tasted beautiful, even the unappetising, horrible green side! However, it was Jay’s perfectly baked strawberry & vanilla cheesecake that wowed the judges, receiving a handshake from Hollywood for his cheesecake that he described as “the governor”. 

Now we’re off to the Technical Challenge which remained a mystery but a recipe that the celebs would definitely recognise. Hollywood’s advice was all about the shaping of the buns as the celebs had to make four perfectly made hot dog buns, served with a vegan sausage, caramelised onions and homemade ketchup. Hollywood’s recipe demanded uniformity, but he sneakily missed off the time to bake the buns from the recipe, which left the celebs startled as they had to work it out for themselves. In fourth place, it was Jay’s bun “loaves”, followed by Judi in third as they were slightly overbaked. In second place it was Mike as the buns were just needing a bit more ketchup, and it was an excitable Deborah that won as the buns were nice and soft! 

It's Showstopper time and this week, the celebs had to bake their first childhood celebrity crush cake. Judi’s Jason Donovan cake started well with her marbelling, but Jason’s head fell in the oven and Judi then forgot to put it on the top of the cake when icing. An orange, chocolate and vanilla marble Jason cake was left without a neck, and she was out of the running for Star Baker. Next, we had Mike’s Indiana Jones Legendary Adventurer Cake with a snake pit and two different sponges (stout and coke), but Prue was left commenting that it was “pretty claggy”. So, it was between Jay and Deborah, as they run neck and neck towards the Star Baker apron. Jay’s Bob Marley crush and love for reggae music was tender and not overbaked and Deborah’s Noddy Holder vegan cake was “as neat as a pin” according to Prue and was a real triumph. It was close! The Repair Shop vs Dragon’s Den but stunned Dragon’s Den Deborah won Star Baker in the end and baking was completely out of her comfort zone. Whilst Jay’s cake was great, Deborah stepped up more, especially with her vegan recipes as they’re harder to bake. 

Prue promised to stop underestimating the celebs as they always astonish her with their bakes in the tent, all to Stand Up To Cancer. 

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