Don't Look Down: Episode 1


A high wire with high profile celebrities can only mean Don’t Look Down has started. 

Anticipation was high amongst the celebrities as they arrived in the Australian Alps to meet high wire expert Jade Kindar-Martin. This was the first time they saw the 30-foot wire that they will need to complete before heading back to London to walk above the Olympic Stadium. It’s here where the celebrities found out they only have three weeks to conquer this wire which usually takes 3 months to learn.

Week 1 was all about fear, with a series of tests to see who was afraid of heights and who can keep calm in these terrifying situations. Anyone who didn’t complete these challenges would see their position on the show in jeopardy. 
The first challenge was at Austria’s highest wooden suspension bridge which is 330 feet in the air. The celebrities had to lean back off the bridge and let themselves fall. Team captain Paddy McGuinness was up first with Beverly Collard as they managed to complete the challenge. A scary moment came for Kimberly Wyatt and Charley Boorman as their wire got caught causing them to crash onto the platform causing lost of suspense for the onlooking celebrities. Fortunately, they were able to reset and complete the challenge. All celebrities were able to get through, although it did leave some feeling even more terrified of heights. 

Day 2 saw the celebrities practice on the 2-foot-high wire. Paddy again was up first with an impressive showing getting halfway. It was a lot harder than expected with most struggling to make it very far. Victoria Pendleton gave an impressive showing first time round. 

The introduction of the balancing pole was no easier with Chris Hughes starting to doubt if anyone will be able to complete the challenge. Fats Timbo and Paddy were impressive with the pole and managed to make it across. 
The next fear test was in part of the Austrian Forest. This challenge was a trust exercise all about teamwork. The celebrities had to move across two wires only using each other for balance. The wires were 50-foot long and unfortunately none of the celebrity pairs were able to get across although all gave it a good attempt! 

All that was left was for Jade to name this week’s best in class. Jade awarded it to Victoria because to her leadership and the way she was supporting her fellow team members.

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