Don't Look Down: Episode 2


Don’t Look Down returns for Episode 2. This episode was all about Focus. The high wire demands a lot of attention and focus so how will the celebrities get on when they get pushed to their limit?

The first challenge of the episode high up in the Penken Mountain in Austria. The celebrities had to stand on the edge of a cliff a lean over the edge facing 1000 feet drop. Jade observed the celebrities and judged how well they can focus by monitoring their heart rate. Once the celebrity lowered their heart rate enough, they complete the challenge.

Paddy McGuinness and Kimberly Wyatt were up first. Both were impressive in getting their heart rates down despite a scary moment when Paddy fell off. Chris Hughes and Victoria Pendleton followed and Chris, who struggled in the first episode, found himself really struggling. His heart rate was climbing so he had to stand back, and watch Vitoria take on the challenge. Fats Timbo, David Ginola and Charley Boorman all manged to lower their heart rate although GK Barry had to walk away as fear got the better of her.

Before the celebrities were sent off for the next challenge, they were split into two training groups back a base camp. One group moved on to the 6-foot wire. Grace, despite all her self-doubt, managed to get across the wire first time of trying with the onlooking celebrities shouting her praises.

For the next challenge, Jade put celebrities against each other with the hope that an element of competition will help those struggling with heights conquer their fears. The challenge involved the celebrities racing across a high wire to reach an orange rope before their opponent. Victoria and Kimberly were put against each other first and both celebrities really went for it with Kimberly reaching the rope before Victoria. Grace and Anton were up next. Anton looked very composed whilst Grace found herself screaming in fear. Anton got to the orange rope first. Chris and Charlie were neck and neck for most of the race but then Charlie falls off. Chris managed to complete the challenge and he talks about how he feels he made a breakthrough in the process.

With another terrifying week of training up, Jade announces the best in class. Best in class was given to Chris for the change in attitude compared to the first day.

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