Don't Look Down: Episode 3


With only two weeks to go until the main event, it’s essential for the celebrities to complete the 35-foot wire. However, some of the celebrities are still stuck on the 1-foot wire. If they don’t get across the 35-foot wire before the 2 weeks are up, they will find their place on the team at risk.

Bev was be signed off from training for the day due to some pain she was experiencing.

The other celebrities went to work on their teamwork for this week’s challenges. The celebrities went out on paddle boards to do some yoga poses to help improve their balance. Kimberly was a natural and started showing off with headstands whilst most the men struggled to stay on the board.

There was a boost in morale after the challenge until Paddy had to announce he had to go home for up to a week to look after his children. This news has left the group reflecting on how they miss his absence.

The next challenge was to expose the some of the celebrities to extreme heights. They had to sleep on a cliff face, 1000-feet up. After some initial wobbles, the celebrities got lowered down one by one to settle for the night. After a couple of hours, Anton, Grace, Chris, and David, all requested to come back up as panic starts to spread as they let their fear get the better of them. Jade felt disappointed that they couldn’t work as a team to control their fears and make it through the night.

Unfortunately, Bev had to withdraw from the process due to hurting her kidney which has left a sad feeling around the camp.

Grace, Kimberly and Victoria take on the 10-meter high wire. Kimberly is up first to take on the wire and completes it first time. Victoria followed and also got across with ease. Grace was up next, and nerves were getting to her. She manages to push through her nerves and start walking on the high wire, and despite a couple of close moments, she steadied herself to get to the end.

The final challenge for this week is at Schlegis Dam which stand at over 430-feet tall. The celebrities must climb from the bottom on Schlegis Dam to the top using metal rods. There was a negative reaction from a lot of the celebrities as the size of the challenge dawned on them. All celebrities went together so they could work as a team to support each other to get to the top. Chris lets his fear get the better of him and quit the challenge. Kimberly and David were ahead of the pack reached the top along with Charley. Grace also found herself turning around and going back. Victoria and Anton then managed to complete the challenge which was an emotional feeling for Victoria. Due to the distance between the metal rods, Fats aimed to get up the first vertical stretch. That was still 100-feet higher than Chris and Grace managed to climb. Fats showed determination in completing the challenge.

To round the week off it’s time for Jade to announce the best in class for the week. This week it went to Anton as he managed to push through to complete the challenges despite the fear he was feeling.

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