Don't Look Down: Episode 4


It’s the final week of training and it’s all about self-belief. The 10 celebrities will be pushed to their limits to get ready for the 100 foot high wire. Each celebrity will have to complete the 30 foot high wire in the Austrian training camp or their place on the team will be at risk.

Chris is the only one to have not attempted the 30 foot high wire. Chris who has found the heights particularly difficult managed to find his feet and conquer the wire.

Paddy has now made a return and has a lot to catch up with.

The first challenge is at the Europa Bridge, which is 500 feet above the ground. The celebrities will have to get across a 100 foot long bridge with nothing to support them on the sides. Charley was up first and set the standard by making it across first time of trying. Fats was doing well before falling and getting caught on the bridge and had to be rescued causing panic in the rest of the team. David started to feel the pressure and decided to drop out of the challenge whilst Victoria and Kimberly did incredible and raced over the bridge. Chris was panicking and had to come back. Grace and Anton who have also been struggling with heights managed to have the self-belief and get across the walkway. Paddy who was supporting everyone, managed to bring it home for the team.

Unfortunately, due to lightning the final day of training was called off. This means Paddy didn’t have an opportunity to try the 35 foot high wire in preparation for next week.

To help Chris get over his height fear, he gets taken to a 100 foot bungee jump. His fear was kicking in and emotions were running high. Despite that, he steps up and managed to complete the jump which has given him a boost of confidence.

With 48 hours to go until the main event, the celebrities are at a training base to try one last walk. If they can’t complete the walk, they are automatically eliminated. It’s 70 foot long which is double the length of what they’ve done before.

All the celebrities managed to get across the wire to progress to the final. It shows how far they have come over the past few weeks and how they are putting all their lessons into practice. How will they get on in the final?

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