Darren's Story - Bladder Cancer

Darren's Story

- Bladder Cancer

Darren was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2016 when he was 49.

On the day of the surgery to remove the cancer, a 9cm tumour was found that would transpire to be stage 3/4 kidney cancer. After Darren’s kidney was removed, a scan gave him the all-clear in March 2017. 

He started running and cycling again and took part in events supporting Cancer Research UK. “I felt invincible”, Darren said. 


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“Before diagnosis I was a keen runner and cyclist. I have competed in 4 London Marathon for various cancer related charities including CRUK and The Prudential 100 London to Surrey and various other running events including CRUK Winter Run.” 

Then Darren started getting backache and went to see his doctor and get it checked. Scans showed he had a tumour in his sacrum and was told that his metastatic cancer was incurable. Darren sadly passed away in July 2022.

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