Sarcomatoid Carcinoma - Daniel's Story

Daniel's Story

- Sarcomatoid Carcinoma

Daniel Thomas was first diagnosed with sarcomatoid carcinoma in July 2015. He began sharing his journey on his YouTube channel under the name PeeweeToms to raise awareness of the disease and show what he was facing. 


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Sarcomatoid carcinoma is a rare and aggressive type of cancer. Daniel had first noticed some painful lumps on the side of his chest, just under his arms. After initially being treated for shingles, he was scanned at the hospital and told it was cancerous.

Following surgery to remove the lumps, the doctor told him that his cancer was not curable.

Daniel was monitored every three months, often having surgery each time new lumps appeared. He tried multiple types of chemotherapy to slow the progression of the cancer. Throughout this period, he kept his head held high and tried to make the best of his situation.

His partner, Becca, remembers: “Watching him fight everyday was both agonising and admirable."  

Dan and his wife Becca on their wedding day, laughing as confetti is thrown at them

"He made me both proud and sad in the same breath, seeing him try and battle his own body, yet still being able to laugh was remarkable.”

But the numerous hospital visits and side effects of treatment did have a huge impact.

"Every hospital visit turned into a hospital stay, every late night sitting on the bathroom floor together whilst he was being sick and all the frustrated tears that came with it."

In early September 2018, Daniel and Becca decided to get married. They celebrated their big day with family and friends. Regardless of everything going on, they both wanted to have this moment of happiness.

"Calling him my husband is the most incredible thing because when I looked at him I didn’t see the weight loss, the tumours or the cancer. I saw my best friend who was the craziest, siliest, bravest and most intelligent man I have ever met and ever will meet."

On September 28th 2018, just two weeks after getting married, Daniel passed away. In those final moments he was in the hospice surrounded by Becca and his family. He was just 32. 

"He was a fighter and the toughest of the tough. I wanted more than anything, for him to know how loved and cherished he was."

Over the two years Daniel shared videos on YouTube, he gained over 150k subscribers. His YouTube Channel and blog are still live. His family hope that his videos and blogs can still help others in a similar situation.

Daniel and Becca in Tee shirts on a sunny day smiling

"We will not let Dan’s flame go out, his memory and content will still continue to help people. We want to make as much difference as physically possible to make Dan proud, and to help anyone it might help in hard times."


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