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Stand Up To Cancer is excited to be supporting Scrap Car Comparison’s Donate-a-Car Scheme

Since March 2016, Scrap Car Comparison have raised over £120,000 for over 30 charities, and over the past 12 months, Scrap Car Comparison have raised over £20,000 for Cancer Research and Stand Up To Cancer so far.

If you’ve got an old, unwanted or damaged vehicle you’re looking to get rid of, Scrap Car Comparison make the process hassle-free by guaranteeing competitive quotes for your car, regardless of the condition. You can then choose to donate some, or all of the profits to Stand Up To Cancer, funding life-saving cancer research.

Find out how you can get a top price with free collection and see how your car can support Stand Up To Cancer.

“Now more than ever, in such challenging times, it’s so important that we stand together for those that need us. Stand Up To Cancer is a charity that is close to a lot of our hearts here at Scrap Car Comparison, so we’re delighted to be able to offer our support and we cannot wait to raise awareness and fundraise for such an amazing cause!” 

Amy Josling
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Tiffany said “When I got diagnosed, I realized my whole life was going to change. It felt like everything I planned and everything I wanted was never going to happen. I have a motto now though “We Got This” and I wear this on my t-shirts and hoodies every time I go to the hospital, and so does everyone who comes with me – we’ve all got them!"

“The last year has been such an emotional rollercoaster – one day I can be so positive and the next day I can be crying all day. I had amazing support from my family and friends though – it is such a team effort and if one of us is down, everyone rallies round and we pick each other up to keep going.”  

Tiffany has been sharing her journey on YouTube and Instagram (@tiffanythinks). By supporting Stand Up To Cancer, she is keen to help raise awareness of cancer and the importance of research.  

“I wanted to share my story to help SU2C. You know your body the best – if something is not right, get it checked out. If it is cancer, you would rather have it diagnosed earlier.”